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Ovodonor Project

Ovodonante is the largest online support community for egg donors and recipients. The project has been created with the intention of helping both those women who need to use donor eggs to become mothers, as well as those who wish to help these families altruistically by donating eggs.

The project is divided into two complete guides: one of them aimed at women interested in becoming donors, and the other at those who are going to undergo IVF treatment with donor eggs:

  • Guide to donating eggs: here you can find information on all the aspects and steps involved in this process. General information, requirements to have it done in Spain, risks and side effects, payment of the economic compensation, choice of the clinic or center where to have it done, etc.
  • Guide to becoming a recipient: this section is a guide to help women who need donor eggs to become mothers. It explains what IVF with ovodonation consists of, as well as its success rates, the price and the choice of the center in which to carry it out.

In addition to the explanatory articles, both donors and recipients have at their disposal a form through which they can receive guidance on how to start the process:

  • On the one hand, a fertility guide has been created so that recipients can get an idea of how much this technique will cost them.
  • On the other hand, those girls interested in becoming egg donors can get more information after completing this brief form: Information for egg donors.

Finally, Ovodonante has a discussion forum where all users can leave their doubts and queries, which will be answered as soon as possible by our assisted reproduction specialists.