is an international community of assisted reproduction assistance in French language.

The project consists of several parts. First, experts provide information of interest to readers by publishing and updating scientific articles on a regular basis. Users thus have the opportunity to learn through clear and precise articles, complemented by graphic illustrations and videos that make these complex techniques accessible without the need to be an expert in the subject. People with fertility problems will thus be able to analyze the options available to them in order to have a child.

Secondly, we have the largest French-speaking community for assisted reproduction. Its members are active in forum discussions and in the comments that accompany the articles. All questions and inquiries are answered individually by our specialists.

The project also has a reporting system that allows readers to directly contact clinics around the world that are accustomed to receiving international patients. These clinics will provide users with a personalized quote, adapted to their situation and the assisted reproduction technique requested.

Finally, we also work with all social networks.